Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Want Candy By Kim Wong Keltner
Rating 7/10

What's it about?
Fourteen year old Candace Ong wants nothing more than to be the IT girl. To be just like her best friend Ruby who has it all from the cutest guys to the nicest clothes. But all Candace feels like she is, is a awkward "inexperienced"(sexually), Asian girl. Through mishaps & to odd to even say adventures Candace learns who she is and who her friends really are after all. (ADULT BOOK)

My Take
This book is unlike any book I've laid eyes on ever before. You would assume this book would been for teenage girls but believe it are not its mean to be for adults. You really feel Candace awkwardness & how she feels that she can not live up to her "best friend" Ruby's way of life. This is the first Asian culture- based book. Its extremely hard to find books on Asian teens like I Want Candy so I appreciate this book. It almost seems like this is the Asian, more funny, sexual version of Judy Blume's "Are You There God? It's Me Margret"The only thing that bothered me was I wish they told more on the character of Ruby, her persona is so intriguing that you almost want the book to be about Ruby and less on Candace. I also DONOT like how Keltner does not go deeper into Candace relationship with the guys she meets. "What happened to them afterwards?" is the question you keep asking about the guys that pops up in Candace life. I love the whole eccentric- ness of this book. It makes it truly one of a kind

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