Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fast Life By Cassandra Carter (Kimani TRU Collections)
Rating: 8 /10

What's it all about?
A 16 year old Kyra Jones has everything at her fingertips, popularity, desginer labels, & ofcourse the ultra hot bad boy boyfreind. Kyra always thought to have things just handed to her but when life puts her in the fast lane she need to choose between a 1st love & a true love, freinds & life & death

My Take
Talk about drama! This is book is drenched full of drama that wont let you put down this book. Although I was turned OFF by the mediocore rich girl -perfect life plot something is different about this book. This book sets the tone on how all urban teen books should be. The only thing I could not stand (rather then the smear of mediocore-ness) was the relationship between Kyra & Makai. I feel Carter could have went deeper into their realationship rather then just focusing on their physical attraction to each other.
This book has plenty sexual contents. So this isn't a book for your lil sister. reading this book,expect ALOT of raunchy scenes.


  1. this book the fast life was really good because i can relate to it in very way

  2. I've read quite a few Kimani Tru books. I might have to check out this one.