Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Degrassi Should Be a book series!

I know Degrassi-The Nest Generation already has a book based on the shows but imagine if it 1st started as a book it would be a bestseller.
Maybe even more popular than Twilight!
Okay, maybe I'm going to far but still.

I'm a BIG Degrassi-Next Generation fan,and am so glad it lasting so many years. For those who never heard of Degrassi....well your missing out but its a Canadian drama that air in the US ever week & actually kind of popular in America too.
I decided to give reasons on why I LOVE Degrassi =]
1. They have the biggest cast I've ever seen and it keeps growing & growing.
At this rate in a few years 50 ppl will be the cast of Degrassi
2. Every issue in the book. They have to bipolar disorder to teen pregnancy to body image.There is no way you can say Degrassi is boring. Although the drama isn't as unpredictable as a few years ago it still surprises you with all the drama they come up with.
3. Named after 80's songs. Degrassi episodes are named after songs from the 80's. Now, I'm not a 80's baby but I think its still pretty cool. But what happens if they run out of songs? If they can. I'll guess they'll have to jump in my decade THE GOOD OL' 90's yay!
4. Good looking people. It seems that every person you thought was ugly in Degrassi- The Next Generation actually became a total hottie. Life for example Emma, she wasn't the cutest but now she's a certified hottie. And Jimmy who was always cute but now is certainly on his hottie status. And shall I even say Liberty? She was the ugly duckling now she's a bombshell. I'm thinking if I join the cast of Degrassi you think I'll be a Beyonce' look alike by the end of the show?
5. Good time line. Yes, there was a Degrassi in in late 80's. I didn't know till like 3 years ago. And the timeline is great cause the 2nd Degrassi started in perfect time. I cant remember when The Next Generation started but the age the kids started out in the new generation was the same exact years in real life,. Right on time. So you think in a few years I'll be 30 something and they'll make a Degrassi-Even Nexter Generation and they'll show Mia's little one or Liberty's adopted baby baby all grown up? Cool.

I love this show. BTW the new season premieres I think Feb.14th (the sad and lonely day) lol
on The-N (google it) not sure what time but trust me I'll find out of course. TTYL.


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